Should I?

Just an idea...

I have been on a bit of a hiatus on my original blog,, but with the introduction of Bakes on Mesh (BoM) it started to itch again. That blogging itch. Do you know it?

Anyway, I was thinking, with Bakes on Mesh, you finally have the possibility again of (almost) endless layering and wearing make up, and I love shooting portraits, so I am going to do a test here with a little side blog combining both by focusing on skins and make up on BoM.

Today I am wearing:

Korina mesh head by LeLutka
Skin Gabbi by Glam Affair
Hairbase Widows Peak by Just Magnetized
Eyebrows Beauty Guru (* by Alaskametro
Contour Beauty Guru by Alaskametro
Lipliner Beauty Guru by Alaskametro

Earrings Amelia by Kunst
Body towel by Erratic

(* the Beauty Guru Gacha Collection was out at this year’s Spoonful fo Sugar Festival, benefitting Doctors Without Borders. I am not sure whether this set will ever be made available in the store

Published by Grazia

13 years ago I joined Second Life, and I never would have thought that I'd still be around. But there is so much creativity on this platform and so many awesome people I have come to know from all over the world that am still pretty much logging in every day to take pictures, explore and hang out with my friends

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